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Disputes can arise at all stages of the leasehold process, from the initial negotiation stages, right through to terminating the lease. Monarch Solicitors commercial landlord & tenant disputes solicitors are highly experienced in dealing with leasehold disputes, whether the client is a landlord or a tenant, and aim to put an expeditious end to the dispute.

It is more often than not that a leasehold dispute arises either because the landlord or the tenant has breached their contractual obligations contained within the lease, or because there is a conflict of interest between the parties.

No matter what the substance of the issue, leasehold disputes are habitually and understandably stressful for all parties involved. This stress is heightened if the individual tries to tackle the dispute without the necessary legal representation. Monarch Solicitors can handle this stress for you, managing the case from start to finish, whilst doing our best to negotiate the right settlement and tackle the dispute head on.

Whether you are currently involved in a dispute, or are worried about a potential dispute, contacting us will help alleviate your worries, and rule out the potential of any unexpected costs which can often occur in leasehold cases.

We can provide advice to both commercial landlords and commercial tenants regarding all aspects of leaseholds, whether being a residential or commercial lease.

Common Problems for Landlords:

• Arrears (rent, ground rent, service charges, and other)
• Rent deposit disputes
• Damage to property(dilapidations)
• Eviction/Possession
• Breach of tenancy agreements
• Breach of covenant

Common Problems for Tenants:

• Facing eviction/repossession
• Unlawful eviction
• Repair work disputes
• Disputed arrears (rent, ground rent, service charges, and other)
• Rent deposit disputes
• Breach of tenancy agreement
• Breach of landlord’s statutory duty
• Nuisance

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Most frequent questions and answers

All landlords have an obligation to ensure the property is maintained in an adequate state of repair. When it is a serious problem, your tenant may be able to apply for a court order requiring you to carry out the repairs. They may even be entitled to compensation.

If a landlord becomes insolvent, it’s likely that the liquidator will want to take the commercial property and sell it. In practice, this should mean that you’re able to continue occupation under your lease, but the landlord will change when the property is sold to another party. In such circumstances, the tenant has the right of first refusal under the law in England and Wales. This means that you are given the chance to buy the property before the liquidator can sell it to a third party.

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