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If you are a non-EEA national who wishes to make a substantial investment in the UK, you can apply for a Tier 1 Investor Visa. There are two different financial values you have to meet with their own requirements.

£1 Million Route

This applies if you were granted an Investor visa before 6 November 2014.

To qualify for further leave to remain, you must:

  • have invested over £750,000 of your own money in UK government bonds or actively trading UK companies;
  • If less than £1 million, you must hold a sufficient balance of funds to bring your total investment to at least £1 million;
  • The balance of funds must be held as cash on deposit or been used to purchase an asset such as unmortgaged property which you use as your own home;
  • Have made your investment within 3 months of entering the Investor category;
  • Have maintained both your qualifying investment and any balance of funds throughout the period of your leave on an Investor visa.

£2 Million Route

This applies if you were not granted an Investor visa before 6 November 2016. You will have to have at least £2 million to invest in trading UK companies.

To qualify for further leave to remain, you must:

  • Have funds amounting to at least £2 million belonging to yourself, your partner or the two of you jointly;
  • Have the money held in a regulated financial institution;
  • Ensure the money is freely transferable to the UK and able to be converted to pounds sterling;
  • Have opened an account with a UK regulated bank for the purpose of investing the £2 million in the UK.

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After the initial 3 years, you will be able to extend your stay for a further 2 years. This will take you to the 5-year residence requirement for Indefinite Leave to Remain. There is an accelerated route to settlement after either 3 years if you invest at least £5 million or 2 years if you invest at least £10 million.

You will need to spend no more than 180 days outside the UK in each consecutive 12-month period and, unless aged 65 or over, have sufficient knowledge of the English language and life in the UK. 

For settlement applications made from 11 January 2018, the Home Office will consider absences from the UK on a rolling basis, rather than in separate consecutive 12-month periods. However, you will be able to explain if your qualifying period includes time before this date and you believe that this change would cause you exceptionally harsh consequences.

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