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Funding litigation can be expensive especially since litigation can be a long and costly process. Each party are solely responsible for the legal costs incurred during the litigation.

It is not always true that the losing party will pay for all legal costs for all parties involved. So, it is no wonder costs and the risk associated to litigation are the first thing which comes to people’s mind when considering a case for litigation. Monarch Solicitors can work with you to find ways to cover the costs of litigation.

At Monarch Solicitors we consider the interests of our clients and provide them a duty of care through providing a comprehensive assessment of the risks and costs involved in litigation for each of our clients. That is why at the forefront we set out explicitly the potential costs of a litigation process in our terms of engagement given to each client whether it be legal fees, vatable disbursements and disbursements. This allows our clients to have sufficient time to adequately plan their funding and whether or not to proceed to litigation.  

Options available to fund litigation include:

  • Deferred payment plans
  • Fixed fees and caps
  • Private funding
  • Third party funding
  • Conditional fee agreements (CFAs)
  • Damages-based Agreements (DBAs)

If you are struggling financially to fund a case for litigation, Monarch’s team of lawyers can work with you to see which options are available to you and analyse which litigation funding option best meets your individual needs and requirements.

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Sometimes referred to as third-party litigation funding or legal financing, litigation finance is an agreement between two parties, one of whom is involved in a legal dispute. The funder agrees to cover the cost of a claim in exchange for a share of the damages.

The role of a litigation funder is to fund a worthy legal case and provide visible confidence. With the industry in its infancy, there is some nervousness within the legal community about funders coming in and making sweeping changes to the claimant’s representation or strategy. In our experience, doing so is counterproductive.

It is useful to keep the circle of stakeholders small when embarking on a litigation claim, as this makes information easier to share. Those whose daily jobs are affected by the claim should be represented, along with your finance and legal teams. In some cases, oversight from senior management could also help.

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