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Mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures and strategic invetsments are fundemantal tools for businesses, financial institutions and private equity investors.  Monarch Solicitors team advises both principals and their financial advisors on the full spectrum of domestic and cross border public and private mergers and acquisitions deals, whether negotiated or unsolicited.

Mergers and acquisitions are where two or more companies are brought together to form one legal entity. A merger is where separate businesses form one new organisation with new management and ownership structure. An acquisition is where one company puts another, and either runs it as a subsidiary or transfers its assets to the buying company. Our team of specialist mergers and acquisitions solicitors can give your business advise on a variety of mergers and acquisitions in the UK and overseas.

Our clients rely on our mergers and acquisitions lawyers based in Manchester, Birmingham and London to guide the through transactions. 

Our corporate lawyers understand your business needs and will offer pragmatic and solutions orientates advice, negotiate aggressively on your behalf and provide focused execution throughout each deal.

Our specialist mergers and acquisitions team can provide expert advice concerning:

  • Acquisitions and disposal of private and public companies
  • Acquisitions and disposals of businesses and assets
  • Management buy-outs and management buy-ins
  • Cross border transactions
  • Joint ventures

Mergers and acquisitions can be very complex, concerning different areas such as:

  • Employment law (TUPE)
  • Intellectual property
  • Tax
  • Competition and regulation
  • Financing
  • Intellectual Property
  • Privacy and Data Protection

Every client is important to us regardless of the transaction size. Whether you are a small business or a large firm, we can offer the support and advice you need to make the process easy. We can take on the hard work, allowing you to focus on running your business whilst ensuring that the overall approach is the one you want.

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If you would like to enquire about our mergers and acquisitions service please complete our online contact form here or send an email to us at [email protected] and one of our solicitors shall call you back. Alternatively, please call our Mergers and acquisitions solicitors on 0330 127 8888 for a no obligation discussion.

Monarch Solicitors are an award winning national solicitors with offices in Manchester,  and London.

We are also able to leverage an international network spanning across Hong Kong, Turkey and Dubai to provide seamless assistance with cross-border matters relating to mergers & acquisitions.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Although these terms are often mixed together, legally speaking, the main differences between a merger and an acquisition are:

  • A merger is the combination of two companies, usually into a new company. The previous companies are then dissolved. Mergers are often perceived as ‘friendly’ and, in theory, a merger can result in the two companies becoming equal partners in the new company.
  • An acquisition is a company purchasing another, usually smaller, company (or a controlling interest in its shares). Where the target is a listed company, an approach by a potential acquirer is sometimes unwelcome, and the transaction is termed a “hostile takeover”. However, with private limited companies it is virtually impossible for one company to acquire another unless all parties are willing. The acquired company becomes a subsidiary of the acquiring company, so unlike a merger, no new company is created.

A solicitor will nearly always be necessary for a merger or acquisition. Mergers are legally complex, and an acquisition will require the negotiation of a share purchase agreement, which is usually a lengthy document. If you are selling a company, you will need legal advice to minimise the risk of any claims being brought against you by the buyer after the sale is completed.

Before merging with or purchasing another company, the buyer will need to be fully aware of the assets and liabilities of that company. This is why it is important to instruct a solicitor and other professionals to carry out rigorous due diligence. Due diligence will fall into these broad areas:

  • Financial
  • Strategic/commercial
  • Legal
  • Operational

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