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Lease Extension Solicitors Contract Signing

Should I Extend My Lease?

Should I Extend My Lease? If your leasehold is becoming short and you are unsure what to do you may …

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What are loan agreements and what should they include?

A loan agreement is a complex legal document created to protect both parties within a loan, in most cases the …

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Loans to family and friends

If you are considering loaning money to your family members, you need to understand loans and loan agreements fully to …

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Freehold Purchase Solicitors Contract Assisting with Buying the Freehold

Estates & Management – Deed of Variation

If you have a leasehold property managed by Estates & Management (which was developed by Taylor Wimpey) you should have …

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How to Finance Your Next Business Acquisition

There is nothing worse for both buyers and vendors when a deal is agreed but not complete due to a …

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How to sell your business discreetly

How to Sell Your Business Discreetly

When considering to sell your business, employment-related question is when to let your employees know. Many consider this to be …

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How to value your business to sell

How to Value Your Business to Sell

There are many ways to value and sell a business. The most important factor is finding the best way(s) for …

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A guide to mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

A Guide to Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

This is a short guide regarding mergers and acquisitions. The guide explains the difference between the two terms along with …

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What are due diligence checks and how to conduct them properly?

What Are Due Diligence Checks and How to Conduct Them Properly? 

Due diligence is important when it comes to the commercial world. Whenever you consider new investment opportunities, due diligence is …

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A guide distinguishing the English common law and the UAE civil law systems

A Guide Distinguishing the English Common Law and The UAE Civil Law Systems

Both the UK and United Arab Emirates (UAE) have two different judicial systems. The UK adopts the common law system. …

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