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International and Cross-Border Disputes

International and Cross-border Disputes Solicitors in Manchester and London, UK

Globalisation has presented the opportunity for both businesses and individuals to trade and conduct business on an international scale. Although this can sound an intriguing proposition to expand your business internationally, the threat of international and cross-border disputes can arise.

International and cross-border disputes between businesses and individuals in different countries can present complex predicaments due to the fact each country having their own jurisdiction and regulations.

Our international and cross-border disputes solicitors can advise businesses and individuals when making or defending a claim if international and cross-border disputes arises.

International Disputes

International and cross-border disputes can be broad in nature and can arise at any time.

Our international and cross-border disputes solicitors can advise on:

  • Jurisdictional issues
  • International arbitration
  • International debt recovery
  • International contract disputes
  • Intellectual property disputes
  • Shareholder and joint venture disputes
  • Trade disputes
  • Property disputes
  • Obtaining and enforcing judgements in the UK and overseas, such as freezing orders or injunctions
  • Conflicts of law

International Litigation

With offices around the world, our international presence in conjunction with our expertise and connections worldwide, allow us to formulate a multi-jurisdictional workforce to handle all aspects of your international and cross-border disputes.

Our international and cross-border disputes solicitors can provide advice on:

  • The appropriate jurisdiction to bring or defend a claim
  • Forum shopping (which country would the claim be most advantageous for it to be brought or defend?)
  • The applicable law to govern your dispute
  • The advantages and disadvantages for each jurisdiction
  • Any evidence or witnesses in different jurisdictions

We are constantly engaged in international and cross-border disputes traversing across numerous jurisdictions, and working with our overseas partners and networks in their correspondent jurisdiction, to achieve the best possible outcome in the interests of our clients.

International Arbitration

International arbitration is becoming an increasingly popular method in resolving international and cross-border disputes. 

The nature of international and cross-border disputes tend to be lengthy and time-consuming with no resolution for months or even years. 

Arbitration often appeals to parties in an international and cross-border dispute as it tends to be quick and cost-effective than court proceedings. 

Our international and cross-border disputes solicitors have vast experience in dealing with international arbitrations. If, for any reason, international arbitration fails to provide an amicable solution, our international and cross-border solicitors are on hand to commence court proceedings if necessary.

How We Can Help?

Due to the variety of jurisdictions and regulations worldwide, international and cross-border disputes can be complex. Once you are aware of any international and cross-border dispute arising, it is imperative to seek legal advice at the earliest opportunity to prevent the dispute from escalating.

At Monarch Solicitors, our international and cross-border solicitors are adept in various jurisdictions, allowing us to take a proactive approach throughout each step of the process and provide you bespoke advice, unique to your circumstances, so that you achieve your desired outcome. This provides us the platform to make informed strategies and resolutions in the best interests of you and your business’ integrity and reputation. 

We work with you to understand your dispute so that we can provide pragmatic advise on your rights, identify grounds for making or defending a claim, advise on the various options available to you, and to formulate a strategy on the best way to resolve your international and cross-border dispute.

We pride ourselves on providing a clear, quick, cost-effective solutions to achieve an outcome in your best interests, and minimise disruption to your business as much as possible so that you can concentrate on running your business.

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We have specialist international and cross-border disputes advisors based at our Manchester and London offices offering a personal service, nationally and internationally.

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Most frequent questions and answers

As well as following the legislation and regulations of the country you operate from, depending on the nature of business with an overseas company, you may also need to comply with the laws of the country in which the overseas company operates. It is important to understand whether your business needs to comply with the laws in other countries when conducting international business with overseas companies, as failure to comply with the law can result in high penalties.

Due to the complexity of international disputes, resolving such disputes can be costly, lengthy and time consuming. International disputes are often resolved through negotiation. Therefore, international arbitration or mediation is commonly used to resolve international disputes.

If an agreement does not follow through from an international arbitration or mediation, then you would need to commence legal proceedings. International and cross-border disputes are often more complex than domestic commercial disputes due to the different jurisdictions involved. The steps involved in legal proceedings would depend on the jurisdiction involved as each jurisdiction would have their own legal procedures. Our solicitors can help identify the best jurisdiction to bring or defend a claim.

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