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COVID-19 contract Termination Force Majeure

COVID-19: Contract Termination Under The Doctrines Of The Force Majeure and Frustration

COVID-19: will this trigger a force majeure clause? COVID-19 was declared a pandemic by The World Health Organisation (WHO) on …

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Landlords Guide Right To Manage Claims

A Landlords Guide to the Right to Manage

What is the right to manage? The right to manage grants leaseholders the right to take over the management of …

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Girls Talking Business Libel and Slander

A Businesses Guide to Libel and Slander

Libel and slander claims are often associated with celebrities and tabloids; however, they can have a devastating impact for businesses. …

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Signing A Lease

Top 10 Things to be Aware of When Signing a Lease

A lease is the foundation of the landlord-tenant relationship, and it is crucial you know what you are signing up …

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Mergers & Acquisitions Solicitors

5 Key Points on Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are the consolidation of two companies. A merger refers to two companies coming together to become …

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Freeholder Duties And Responsibilities

5 Duties and Responsibilities of a Freeholder

The definition of a freeholder is the person who owns the land outright. The freeholder will have their title registered …

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5 Steps to Recover Your Commercial Debt

Debt can cause a huge strain to any business so it is important to understand how it can be recovered. …

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Importance Of Contracts To A Business

The Importance of Contracts to a Business?

Contract law lies at the heart of our system of laws and serves as the foundation of our entire society. …

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Tips To Prevent Contract Disputes

Top 5 Tips To Prevent Contract Disputes

When a contract gets the point of a dispute it can be costly and time consuming to resolve. Fortunately, we …

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Business Meeting Credit Control Tips

Cashflow is King in Every Business – 5 Simple Credit Control Tips

We all know that unpredictable cash flow is not good for any business, it blocks the ability to plan for …

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