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Category: Commercial Litigation

Shareholder Disputes – Top 5 Tips

Shareholder Disputes – Top 5 Tips

Shareholder disputes can arise for a number of reasons but are often the product of poor communication between shareholders and …

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Commercial Injunctions For UK Businesses

Commercial Injunctions For UK Businesses

An injunction is an order of the Court which requires a party to either carry out a specified act (mandatory …

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Woman Facing Eviction Due To Covid-19

Corona virus Act 2020: The Impact on Evictions and Possession Proceedings 

On 25 March 2020 the Government passed emergency legislation in response to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. The Coronavirus Act 2020 …

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Fake Reviews Business Defamation

Business Defamation: What Can Businesses Do With Fake Reviews?

Many people use online review websites such as Tripadvisor, Trustpilot, and Google to formulate their perceptions of a business and …

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Business Defamation on Social Media

Business Defamation On Social Media: What Are The Consequences and How Should You Handle It

In today’s digital climate, social media has become an important element of everyone’s lives. Social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, …

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Old Lady Bringing An Action For Negligence

Are you too late to bring an action for negligence

Under the Limitations Act 1980 the statute of limitations for any action is 6 years from the date in which …

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Lifting An Agricultural Tie

Lifting an agricultural tie

Agricultural ties, otherwise known as agricultural occupancy conditions, have been applied to properties since 1948 and are essentially a planning …

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COVID-19 contract Termination Force Majeure

COVID-19: Contract Termination Under The Doctrines Of The Force Majeure and Frustration

COVID-19: will this trigger a force majeure clause? COVID-19 was declared a pandemic by The World Health Organisation (WHO) on …

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Girls Talking Business Libel and Slander

A Businesses Guide to Libel and Slander

Libel and slander claims are often associated with celebrities and tabloids; however, they can have a devastating impact for businesses. …

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Guide To Evicting Your Tenant

3 Step Guide To Evicting Your Tenant

Evicting a tenant protected under an Assured Shorthold Tenancy, including period tenancies and assured tenancies, can be a difficult process …

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