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Category: Commercial Property

Coronavirus Act 2020 Tenant Landlord

Coronavirus Act 2020 – What can landlords do if a tenant does not pay rent?

The Coronavirus outbreak has resulted in a period of economic challenge for businesses, particularly those with commercial leases. Although the …

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Surrendering Commercial Lease

How to Surrender a Commercial Lease

The surrender of a lease is a mutual agreement between the landlord and tenant to bring a commercial lease to …

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Forfeiture Commercial Lease

Forfeiture of a Commercial Lease

If a tenant under a commercial lease breaches a contractual term in the lease, then the landlord has a statutory …

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Leaseholder Makes A Claim For Your Freehold

What To Do When Your Leaseholder Makes A Claim For Your Freehold

The Leasehold Reform Act 1967 gives qualifying leaseholders the right to make a claim to buy the freehold. You can …

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Commercial Lease Renewal Process

What Is The Commercial Lease Renewal Process?

Whatever your business entails a commercial lease is an essential prerequisite to making it successful. It is important that you …

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Signing Development Agreement

The Basics Of Development Agreements

A development agreement is a general term covering a wide range of agreements between developers, landlords, purchasers, finders, tenants. Each …

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Woman Facing Eviction Due To Covid-19

Corona virus Act 2020: The Impact on Evictions and Possession Proceedings 

On 25 March 2020 the Government passed emergency legislation in response to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. The Coronavirus Act 2020 …

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Properties In Close Proximity To A Compulsory Purchase Order Development Scheme

Properties In Close Proximity To A Compulsory Purchase Order Development Scheme

If your property is adjacent or in close proximity to the proposed development work you might be able to claim …

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Businesses Receiving A Compulsory Purchase Order

Businesses Receiving A Compulsory Purchase Order – What Can I Claim For Compensation?

A Compulsory Purchase Order can not only be on served homeowners; it can also be served on a business property.  …

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Blight Notice Affecting Price Of Property

Blight Notice – What Is It and Do I Have A Claim?

Statutory blight, also known as blight notice, is where the potential acquisition of land by the acquiring authority to construct …

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