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Accident Investigations

Why Are Accident Investigations Important?

Work place accidents, especially for businesses such as construction, are common place with millions of people a year suffering work …

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Trading Standards And The Investigation Powers

What Are Trading Standards And The Investigation Powers?

For companies being investigated by trading standards, this can be a huge strain on the business. There are not only …

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General Dental Council Concerns Procedure

General Dental Council Concerns Procedure

When concerns are raised to the General Dental Council concerning a dentist’s fitness to practice, they have a legal duty …

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The Solicitors Regulatory Authority Explained

The Solicitors Regulatory Authority Explained

The Solicitors Regulatory Authority (‘SRA’) is a body set up for the regulation of solicitors and solicitors firms practicing in …

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Old Lady Bringing An Action For Negligence

Are you too late to bring an action for negligence

Under the Limitations Act 1980 the statute of limitations for any action is 6 years from the date in which …

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Sue A Professional For Negligence

How to Sue a Professional for Negligence

Professional, for example a solicitor, accountant, doctor etc. are held to a certain standard of knowledge and care when acting …

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Financial Conduct Authority Enforcement Powers

Financial Conduct Authority enforcement powers

The FCA has a wide range of powers when it comes to enforcement of their rules. This includes much more …

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Becoming FCA Authorised

Certain financial services firms such as investment firms and consumer credit need to be authorised by the FCA. The FCA …

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GMC Disciplinary Procedure

Brief Guide to the GMC Fitness to Practice Disciplinary Procedure

For any professional, having your fitness to practice your vocation is a very stressful and uncertain time. If these procedures …

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Grounds To Be Disqualified As A Director

On What Grounds Can You Be Disqualified as A Director?

Director disqualification is more serious than simply losing your job. The repercussions can substantially affect other parts of your life. …

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