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How To Make A Will

How to write a Will?

Making A Will A ‘Will’ is the legal document declaring whom the testator wishes to manage their estate in the …

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TUPE Transfers

Your Rights Under TUPE

As business needs change and resources are restructured in the ever-evolving global economy, it is common to see employees changing …

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Unfair Dismissal Awards

A guide to unfair dismissal awards

Unfair Dismissal Awards In a successful claim for unfair dismissal an employee can be awarded both a basic award and …

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What Is Tariff Classification

Tariff classification is the process for determining the tariff codes for goods being imported and exported. It is vital that …

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Shareholders Agreement Drafting

Shareholders Agreement Drafting

Shareholders agreement, particularly for small businesses, are often over looked. However, making sure you have an excellent shareholders agreement is …

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Money Laundering

Money laundering and the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002

The offence of money laundering is where the proceeds of crime are converted into legitimate assets that appear to come …

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Shaking Hands over Joint Venture Agreements

Top 3 legal considerations of a joint venture

What is a joint venture? A joint venture is a business arrangement where the parties agree to develop – for …

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Guarantees, Warranties And Indemnities In Commercial Transactions Explained

Guarantees, Warranties and Indemnities in Commercial Transactions Explained

Guarantees, Warranties and Indemnities are a means of allocating risk in commercial transactions. In English law, the principle of “caveat …

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Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) Explained

Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) explained

The conditional fee agreement (or ‘CFA’) is a funding agreement between client and solicitor where the fees are determined on …

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Elderly Lady Deputyship

Everything you need to know about Deputyship

When someone is unable to make decision such as where they are to live, the medical treatment they consent to, …

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