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How To Choose Your Will Writing Solicitor?


Once you understand all the steps that need to be taken on how to make a will the next choice is how to choose your will writing solicitor. When it comes to writing your will you need to use a professional solicitors that has experience in writing wills and also estate planning. A will is one of the most important financial documents you will have in your life time. For that reason you need to ensure that a will is written correctly, is legally binding and includes all your estate.

An experienced will writer will make sure every aspect of writing your will is covered, no matter how complex your estate or your wishes when you pass away. Having a will that is correctly written, taking into account all personal requirements, means that no complications should arise during the probate process. It is important that estate planning is thought about when a will is written as this can have a great impact on the amount of inheritance tax that is paid on your estate.

Below we have outlined points to consider when you are choosing a will writing solicitor.

Tax and estate planning experience

When choosing a will writing solicitor it is important they are not just experienced in writing wills but also in tax and estate planning. A solicitors that has experience in both will make sure that your will is correctly written but also, at the time of writing, that your estate structure was looked at and the best options were taken minimise paying inheritance tax. This can take away a lot of stress and financial strain when your will is executed.

Positive reviews

It is important when looking to use any service from a solicitors that you check out their reviews but even more so when it is such an important legal document. Don’t just trust the reviews a solicitor features on their website, check out reviews on Google and see if they have any reviews on Trustpilot. If a solicitors have overall positive feedback this can be a good sign that they offer professional and reliable legal services.

Correctly regulated and accredited

All solicitors in the UK have to be regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), you can check if they are on the SRA website. You may also want to check if they are members of law societies. There are wide range of law societies and associations for solicitors to join, it is good sign if they are members and accredited by a range of law societies and associations.

Monarch Solicitors Will Writing Service

Our award-winning team can offer a professional will writing service that is carefully planned around your personal requirements. We are proud to have many positive reviews on both Google and Trustpilot. We are fully regulated by the SRA, members of The Law Society , the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce and many more legal associations.

For more information visit our Will Writing Service Page. Alternatively, call our Will Writing Solicitors on 0330 127 8888 for a free 30-minute consultation on your matter.


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