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Compulsory Purchase Orders & HS2

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Compulsory Purchase Orders and the Northern Powerhouse

Unemployment still blights the U.K, despite what government released figures show. This continues in turn to lead to poor health, lower educational attainment and also a reduction in business start-ups due to little or no investment opportunities. Many business simply cannot stay trading due to low sales and footfall. Affordable housing seems out of reach for those struggling with unemployment too, and these issues are widespread across the nation.

The concept of the Northern Powerhouse is one that seems incredible – the aim being to drive Northern economy and create business opportunities along with desperately needed jobs for those seeking stable and long term employment. The Northern Powerhouse plans also include provision of links between cities and businesses, easier to reach locations to attract the global market and solid, sustained economic growth as a whole.

Running alongside the plans for the great Northern Powerhouse, quite literally are plans for the brand new HS2 (high-speed rail service). Chancellor, George Osborne has stated that the HS2 “would deliver a huge boost to devolution to the so-called Northern Powerhouse, with increased capacity on the region’s railways,” (Manchester Evening News, November 30th 2015).

The high-speed service aims to drastically cut travel time between Manchester and London by almost half, knocking an hour off the current time of two hours and eight minutes. If this comes into effect, business links will be strengthened and improved, as well as new ones put into action thanks to easier and quicker access to both cities.

This concept is indeed a well-driven and serious one; there is no doubt that sustained economic growth is urgently needed in today’s society, but these plans come at a price. The proposed route of the HS2, for example takes the construction of the line through London, Birmingham, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Cheshire, Crewe, Manchester, the East Midlands, Yorkshire and Leeds. Of course within those major cities are smaller towns and villages, a huge proportion of them residential. The HS2 will pass through these areas, which is fantastic – but what happens to the properties that lie in the path of the proposed route?

This is where Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPO’s) come into play. A CPO is an order made by an acquiring authority such as a local authority, highways agency or utility company, giving them the legal right to buy or take land or property from you, without your consent.

This is usually when the government decides that what is being proposed to be built through the area under the CPO will better the surrounding community, make it a more suitable, profitable, or sustainable place to live, and bring economic value and growth.

Of course, the plans for the HS2 and the Northern Powerhouse seek to deliver all of these improvements, and consequently it’s highly likely that if an authority requests a CPO, it will be granted.

Monarch Solicitors specialise in Compulsory Purchase Orders, no matter which side you are on. Whether there has been one put against your property, or you are seeking to have one granted yourself, we can help.

Our experienced lawyers, led by Shazda Ahmed, have a keen interest in the Northern Powerhouse, the HS2 and the surrounding issues. This, coupled with their specialised industry knowledge makes Monarch Solicitors the absolute best in Manchester for nationwide CPO advice and representation.

Time is crucial in the development of Compulsory Purchase Orders and therefore we advise you to act fast to ensure financial loss is minimised as you are only compensated for so much during the process.

Monarch Solicitors Manchester has extensive knowledge in all aspects of commercial and corporate law, and we are currently taking Manchester by storm with our no-fuss, no hidden fee mind-set. We pride ourselves on our affordable prices, our incredibly dedicated service, and the fact that we are open with our clients. We don’t hide facts from our clients. We see you through the bad times and we celebrate with you through the good, making sure you are comfortable every step of the way during your time with us here at Monarch.

Take Early Advice

Obtaining legal advice from our expert team at Monarch Solicitors is vital to ensuring that you mitigate your losses and secure compensation. The laws surrounding CPO’s can often be confusing, and so you’re going to want help from people that know exactly what they’re doing, to ensure that the negotiations start off on the right foot.

To discuss any aspect of Compulsory Purchase Orders, Blight Notices, or HS2 feel to contact ours specialist CPO & blight solicitors in Manchester on 0161 820 8888 or solicitor in London on 0208 889 8888 and speak to one of our experienced members in the Compulsory Purchase Order Team.


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