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Farm Tenancies Explained

Farm Tenancies Explained Solicitors, Manchester, London, UK Wide Lawyers, Commercial Leases. Generally speaking, farm tenancies are differentiated between those granted before …

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Polish Dual Nationality

Polish Dual Nationality Solicitors, Manchester, London, UK Wide Lawyers, Polish Dual Nationality Dual citizenship occurs when a person is, at …

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HMRC VAT Customs Excise Tax Defence Solicitors Manchester London

National Minimum Wage Penalty

HMRC National Minimum Wage Penalty Case Study Solicitors, Manchester, London, UK Wide Lawyers, HMRC Penalty Our client, “MR” runs a …

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Periodic Tenancy & Tenancy At Will

Periodic Tenancy & Tenancy at Will

The distinction between periodic tenancies and tenancies at will is extremely important to both Landlords and Tenants. For a landlord …

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Manchester 5 Tips on Commercial Lease Assignment

5 Tips – Commercial Lease Assignment

A lease assignment is a transfer of an existing commercial lease from one commercial tenant to another commercial tenant. Typically, …

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