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Redundancy step by step guide

Redundancy – A step by step guide for employers

What is redundancy? Redundancy is a form of dismissal which generally arises when an employer needs to reduce the size …

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Staff leaving due to redundancy

Redundancy during or after Furlough (for Employers)

Whilst the Government’s Job Retention Scheme was designed to avoid as many redundancies as possible, it is inevitable that some …

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Collective Redundancy Rules

Collective Redundancy Rules: What are they? 

As an employer, making redundancies can be a stressful time-consuming exercise. When planning to make a large number of employees …

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Compulsory Redundancy

How An Employer Should Deal With Compulsory Redundancy

Having to make an employee redundant is never going to be an enjoyable thing for a business owner but unfortunately, …

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