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The Belt & Road Association (UK) Inaugural Dinner & Launch 2019

Monarch Solicitors attended the inaugural dinner and launch for the Belt & Road Association (UK) in Manchester on 09 March 2019, where entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes came together. 

The Association has been launched in the year of the pig, a symbol of wealth and prosperity and specifically in Greater Manchester, as Manchester has substantially benefited from Chinese investment.

The Silk Road was an ancient network of trade routes extending over 4000 miles from the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans and the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) seeks to utilise these historical trade links to drive China’s rapid development through infrastructure projects throughout Asia and Central and Eastern Europe.

The Belt & Road Association (UK) provides a platform for increased collaboration, networks and co-operation, providing a golden opportunity for British companies to create business relations with China.

The aims of the Association are to help Chinese businesses to work within the framework of UK law, share resources and grow the friendship between the UK and China, to create unique opportunities.

More information about The Belt & Road Association (UK) can be found here: www.thebeltandroad.org.uk 

Monarch Solicitors are optimistic for the bright future of UK-China relations and global trade.

For legal advice and assistance on trade with China, lease contact our International Trade Team in Manchester on 0161 820 888 and in London on  020 888 9 888.


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