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Invest in UK Property From Dubai


There are various different investment opportunities worldwide. Upon these opportunities is investing in the UK property market. This article will consider the reasons to invest in UK property from Dubai (UAE) and how the process is done.

This brings us to the first question:

Why invest in UK property from Dubai?

The main reason is because you can! Foreigners from all over the world can buy property in the UK with very little to no restrictions. The UAE is included in this. This type of investment is also consistent and holds strong capital appreciation. The British pound is weak meaning investing today is 20% cheaper than 5 years ago. The UK also has a mature real estate market meaning it has some of the strictest property rights in the world. The main reason people invest in the UK property market is due to the supply and demand. With the UK having such strict land development regulations along with the growing population, the demand for UK property is only set to further outgrow the supply. This offers great opportunities for buyers looking to sell or rent their properties from Dubai.

How do you buy property in the UK from Dubai?

There are multiple ways to buy property in the UK from Dubai. The best way is to contact a consultant to discuss opportunities and the process. Consultants help in many ways including:

  • Discussing the range of development opportunities from properties all over the UK including its major cities such as Manchester, Cardiff, Glasgow and London.
  • Giving you recommendations based on your individual needs.
  • Taking you through the process step by step.
  • Deliver a step-by-step guide throughout the entire process.
  • Assisting you with the purchase, legal assistance, mortgage help, currency exchanges and more.

What are the different types of investments in the UK?

There is a wide range of investment opportunities in the UK property market. From small apartment complexes to student accommodations and higher-end properties. Investment opportunities start from as little as £50,000 to way over £10,000,000. This will be down to your personal requirements.

The most popular investment types are set out below

Buy-to-let – One of the most common is a buy-to-let. This is a standard property which is usually a modest house or apartment that is purchased for the purpose of generating income. A property like this can increase in price, however, the primary goal is the money made from the let.

Buy-to-sell – This is simple. Buying a house with the intention of selling it for a higher price. The price increase is usually a result of renovation or development to the property.

Student accommodation – Usually a small unit built for the purpose for students to live in. These investments tend to offer great returns, however, does not experience the same capital growth of that shown in a buy-to-let investment.

What are the main property types in the UK?

Houses – Fully detached, self-contained property with a front and back yard.

Semi-Detached – Similar to a house with one district difference. A semi-detached house as the name would suggest is not fully detached but shares one of its sides with another property.

Terraces House – A row of houses that share walls on both sides. Usually rather narrow with small gardens.

Bungalow – A detached house all on ground level. Usually very small and with a distinct style.

Cottage – A small detached house commonly found in British rural countryside. Made with thick walls and small windows these properties were originally made for agriculture workers and their families. Of course, now much more modern and user-friendly versions can be found.

Flats – Commonly referred to as apartments in most countries. Usually found in densely populated areas and city centres.

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