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DIFC Employment Law

DIFC Employment Law

It is essential to understand workplace rights and regulations in the DIFC for businesses looking to operate there.

DIFC Employment Law plays a crucial role in governing the relationship between employers and employees within the Dubai International Financial Centre. Understanding these laws is essential for both employers and employees to ensure compliance, protect rights, and maintain a fair and transparent working environment.

Our employment solicitors are experienced in a whole range of employment issues. Our range of employment services include the following:

• Unfair dismissal
• Constructive dismissal
• Redundancy
• Garden Leave
• Maternity and Family rights
• Unpaid wages
• Equal Pay
• Whistleblowing
• Discrimination
• Bullying and harassment
• Settlement agreements
• Grievances
• Restrictive covenants

Our team of UK lawyers are experienced in English Common Law, the legal system of which the DIFC Courts operate, which means we are uniquely suited to assist with any DIFC employment law matters.

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Monarch Solicitors are approved part 1 and 2 practitioners within the DIFC and can help you with your situation, regardless of if you are an employer or employee. Our committed team stands ready to offer the guidance and assistance necessary to meet your legal requirements efficiently. Book a consultation today to delve into your case and discover how we can help you accomplish your goals.

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DIFC Employment Law offers several protections for employees to ensure a fair and safe working environment. These include:

  • Wage Protection: Employees are guaranteed timely payment of their wages as stipulated in their employment contracts.
  • Anti-Discrimination Measures: The law prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex, marital status, race, nationality, religion, and disability, promoting equality in the workplace.
  • Maternity and Paternity Leave: DIFC provides maternity leave of up to 65 working days and paternity leave of 5 working days, supporting family welfare.
  • Termination Rights: Employees are entitled to a notice period and end-of-service benefits, providing security upon job termination.

The DIFC has established mechanisms for resolving employment disputes through its own legal system:

  • DIFC Courts: These courts handle more significant employment disputes and offer a comprehensive legal process based on common law principles.
  • Small Claims Tribunal (SCT): For claims under a certain financial threshold (currently AED 500,000), the SCT offers a quicker, informal way to resolve disputes without the need for legal representation.
  • Mediation Services: The DIFC also offers mediation services aimed at resolving disputes amicably before they require formal adjudication.

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